Frequently Asked Questions

What is Win.GOP?

Win.GOP is a free website-building tool designed to make it possible for every Republican candidate or organization at every level to get online with an attractive, powerful web presence. It’s made for people with little-to-no website experience, and is simple enough to let you go from no website to a fully fledged page in less than an hour.

Features include donation processing, voter registration, social media integration, and the ability to display endorsements.

It’s easy to get started—just head over to Win.GOP and click “Start Building Now”!

How much does Win.GOP cost?

Win.GOP costs $20/month (this is on top of card processing fees, for which we have negotiated with our preferred vendor a low 3.75% + $0.30 flat fee without any hidden charges.)

Win.GOP is designed for candidates seeking federal-, state-, or local-level political office as well as organizations at those levels, such as county parties or clubs. You don’t have to be a declared candidate or official organization to get a Win.GOP site—anyone who can take advantage of our feature set is welcome.

How do I set up my Win.GOP account?

Just go to www.Win.GOP and click “Start Building Now.” The setup process is straightforward—if you have the information you want to provide on-hand, you can go from start to finish in less than an hour.

Looking for a place to start? Check out the Dashboard, your Win.GOP hub.

How do I add content to my Win.GOP page?

It's easy! Just check out this quick tutorial video.

Can I direct my existing campaign URL to Win.GOP?

Yes! Just follow the steps on this quick tutorial video.

Here are the instructions in text form: First, go to Settings > Domains, click “Add New Domain,” and enter the domain name you are trying to connect (—don’t include “www.” Then copy the IP address that appears above the domain.

After that, if you are connecting your account to a .GOP domain, all you have to do is go to Join.GOP and go to My Domains > Configure, and click the DNS tab. (If you are using a registrar other than .GOP, navigate to their DNS editor and follow the rest of these steps.) Under the section that says “A (HOST),” find the entry whose subdomain is the @ symbol. Click the IP address and replace it with the one you copied from your Win.GOP account, then click “Save Changes.” Finally, you’ll want to add a new record in this section. Click “Add Host,” in the “A (HOST)” section. Under “Subdomain,” enter an asterisk (*), and for the IP address use the same one we just added. Click “Save Changes.”

Changes can take upwards of a day to take effect, but when they do, your Win.GOP site and custom domain will be linked—anybody who visits will view your Win.GOP website, and any changes you make to your site in the back end (by logging into Win.GOP, same as before) will be automatically reflected there.

How do I hide my page from others?

Win.GOP pages are live by default. You can change it to Private Mode by going to Settings > Pages and toggle the corresponding domain to Private. Visitors to a Win.GOP site in private mode will be met with a “this website is unavailable” message.

What if I forgot my password?

Go to Win.GOP, click “Log in” in the top right corner, and click the “Forgot my password” link.

I have raised funds through my Win.GOP website. When will I get my money?

We use Online Fundraising, LLC as our fundraising portal. It distributes funds weekly (to ensure that its political recipients are in compliance with all campaign finance laws). Distributions cover a period from 12am on Monday to 11:59:59 on Sunday ET (some slight vagaries with donations made between midnight and 3am ET will occur due to the different time zones in which servers exist).

For those receiving funds via ACH direct deposit, transfers are initiated on Wednesdays and funds are deposited in your account on Thursday.

Haven't set up fundraising yet? It's quick and easy. Check out our tutorial video below:

How long before I can start collecting donations?

You will gain the ability to fundraise within an hour to a day of signing up with Online Fundraising, LLC (which can be done under Settings > My Features).

How do I learn more about Online Fundraising, LLC?

You can email them at if you have any questions or need access to your contributor data.

What if I need more help?

Just email at any hour of any day, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.